Soft Silicon Breast Pump Shield
Soft Silicon Breast Pump Shield
Soft Silicon Breast Pump Shield
Soft Silicon Breast Pump Shield
Soft Silicon Breast Pump Shield

Soft Silicon Breast Pump Shield

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We all come in different shapes and sizes, if you measure your nipple diameter in mm then add 2mm each side of that measurement, this will help give you a comfortable shield size.(refer to picture below) 

It is important to have the correct shield size to prevent soreness or cracking when using your Tiny Bloom pump. When expressing with your pump position your nipple in the middle of the neck of the shield and then make sure your breast sits fully in the shield to cause a nice seal (with no air or gaps) between the shield and your breast skin when pumping.

For your convenience we stock 3 sizes: 

  • 21mm - if you require a 21mm you can also use the inserts inside a 24mm shield to get the same result for you.
  • 24mm
  • 27mm (largest size shield)

If you buy the breast pump with the incorrect shield size, no problem we have a different size shield available you can purchase separately as the different sized shields fit on all the pumps no problem.

Soft liquid silicone shield

Beautiful lace pattern

BPA (Bisphenol A) & DEHP (Diethylhexyl phthalate) Free


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Packaging and courier bags:

We have an eco, less plastic biodegradable philosophy and use as little plastic as possible when sending you your products, this is a constant evolving process for us that we are proud of and constantly look for earth friendly alternatives, starting from our product packaging to the way we send it to you.

We use POLLAST!CTM Mailers made from 100% Ocean Bound Plastic Pollution. This packaging actually cleans up the environment and helps break the cycle of poverty and plastic pollution at the same time.

POLLAST!CTM are working with coastal communities that are impacted by the compounding effects of pollution and poverty to remove plastic pollution from their beaches and riverways before it reaches the ocean. They then recycle it into packaging. Your courier bags are Recyclable with soft plastics. 200% Carbon offset. 

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