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The best way to find the right size shield for you is to measure the width of your nipple (sticking out bit) in mm and add 4mm to this total. This will allow 2mm either side of your nipple in the shield so that it is most comfortable.

Frequently asked questions:

We ship daily from Tauranga New Zealand

We use express NZPost and it takes 2-4 days NZ

Take advantage of afterpay or laybuy & pay in weekly or fortnightly interest free payments. 

To select afterpay or laybuy as a payment method just complete the checkout process. Firstly, fill out all necessary contact details for your order followed by completing the shipping information page. Finally click "continue to payment." This is where you will be able to select your preferred payment method. afterpay & laybuy are both located near the bottom of the list.

We process your order within 1 day of receiving your order.

We ship express with NZ Post

Within NZ you should receive your order within 2-4 days depending if you are rural delivery or not

Accurate tracking information is supplied at the time of despatch. Please allow 24 hours for your tracking information to be updated.

Fully charged hand held breast pump will give 2.5-3 hours of pumping time.

Wearable pump will give you 2-2.5 hours pumping time.

It takes 2 hours to fully charge your pump

You must use the correct USB charge adaptor to charge your pumps or you may experience irreversible issues with the control panel

The pump is not silent, but it is quiet it does make a quiet pumping noise, the motor is under 55db for the hand held and 60db for the wearable pump

Please look at the troubleshooting page in your manual if you are noticing low or no suction first as this may sort the issue promptly

Have you measured your nipple and are using the correct shield for you?

You will need to change the diaphragm/suction bowl & valve every 4-8 weeks depending on how often you use the pump, these are sold separately this could be why your pump doesn't have good suction if you have been using fine and now find suction has got less.

All parts must be assembled dry and firmly to get good suction. Do not pump with the little white stoppers in when using the wearable pump

If you don't have the droplets picture on the display screen on the hand held pump, this means it is NOT in pump mode.

Try putting just the pump motor by itself on your hand firmly pressing down on your palm on suction mode, if it can suck your skin then it is working - it could be assembly or the diaphram or valve are worn or damaged?

We have 3 sized breast shields available for the hand held breast pump - 21mm, 24mm and 27mm, (21mm is the smaller size and 27mm is the larger).

The shield is sold on your pump, so choose your size when ordering. You can also order these shields seperatly and they can still be used on your hand held pump and change up or down a size if required.

Breast size does not determine the shield size.

The wearable pump comes with a 25-27mm standard shield and it also has a 2x pack of inserts with the pump incase you need to pop one inside the main shield to make the shield smaller for a more comfortable fit.

These inserts are also sold seperately in a 2x pack that has the 19mm & 22mm insert (one of each) for replacement, or to put into your hand held pump shield if you need smaller than the 21mm shield pump option.

Our new 180ml PPSU bottles are sold in a 2pk. 1 bottle also comes on the pump in the hand held pump pack. PPSU is a safer healthier product to use when warming milk for babies.

The wearable pump does not come with a bottle

You can store your milk in the refrigerator for up 48hrs and store in freezer for 8 months.

The storage bags with the adaptor are made to screw into the bottom of the hand held pump. You can use these bags for the wearable pump but you have to pour the milk into the bags.

The storagae bags for hygiene reasons are single use

We also have a ziplock type open bag with no adaptor that are easier to pour milk into from the wearable pump

You can, but we don't advise heating any milk in the microwave, it can cause hotspots or uneven heating and can burn baby.

You can heat/warm the storage bags in a container of hot water and mix around give a gentle shake to mix the cold and warm milk together until completely warmed.

You can also heat/warm the storage bags of stored milk or soft food or the bottled milk in our steam steriliser at a temperature that suits you and baby

Our steriliser can keep bottled milk warm for 6-8hrs, but please check how long you should keep your particular milk source warm by looking at the Plunket website.

Formula is different to breast milk and has different time frames that it can be kept warm.. Read your formula guide line and also check Plunket.

The best position for pumping is in a relaxed environment, slightly lean yourself forward and relax into the pump shield as if you were leaning slightly over to feed baby directly.

When comfortable, use a low stimulation mode and then gently increase the level, then change to a low suction mode and gently increase the level to a comfortable sucking or drawing out feeling. Dont over do it.

The hand held pump has a timer for 30mins, you should stop and rest and try again later if still pumping for the full 30mins. Over 30mins may cause some discomfort with the nipple and will affect the way you pump next time.

Build up the strength of the suction levels and the length of time you pump slowly, its not a race, be nice to yourself and be patient. Sometimes you may have excess milk to store and other times you will not.

It is not advised to microwave milk it creates unsafe hot spots. Yes you can combine milk collected from the same day. Do not mix different days milk together or fresh milk with frozen milk. Depending on the heat of the day try not to store milk at room temperature for longer than 2 hours. Heat milk by placing in a container and sit in warm water.

Not everyone will have a successful breastfeeding journey unfortunately, likewise not everyone will have a successful pumping experience either. This does not mean the pump is faulty.

But if it is faulty, we will need you to contact us via email and let us know your order number and a summary of what the issue is, we maybe able to help trouble shoot for you.

If over discussion and possible photos or video, we think it is faulty then you will need to return it to us for us to check it, we can test it. Then we will either replace, repair or refund for you.

We are proud of our pump & steam steriliser proven performance and they are covered by 12mth mechanical fault warranty.

If you have caused the fault yourself with mis use or neglect or failure to change parts as required and this has caused damage to the mechanical properties of the pump then your warranty is void - this includes using the incorrect strength USB Charge port as stated on the website and in the manual

The warranty is for single user only.

Your warranty is non transferable to another user or new purchaser of your pump/ product.

All other products on our website have a 6mth warranty unless specified differently.

You are welcome to contact us by e-mail at or by mail using the details provided below:

PO Box11085 Palm Beach Papamoa 3151, BOP, Tauranga 3151, New Zealand


The wearable and the hand held pump really only share the same USB cord and the shield inserts can be used on both models to help make the shield smaller if required.

Each model has its own replacement parts and replacement valve and diaphram kit, they are seperate models and need seperate parts

If you have a product or order query, an issue you can't resolve with the trouble shooting manual, or you need help, please email with your order number to: 

MSD (WINZ) QUOTE- If you would like a MSD (WINZ) quote then please email with your full name and shipping address and what product you want us to include in your quote to us: 

We can email you a quote with our CUR code to take to/ or email to your case manager for authorisation.

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The best way is to use warm dishwashing soapy water
in the sink to wash all milk off, rinse with warm water from the tap and let drip dry on a clean tea towel. If you have long fingernail then be gentle.

If you want to sterilise (and you should sterilise once a day) then boil in a pot of water for 3mins – set a timer as you don’t want to melt your pump parts. Then lift out with tongs and drip dry on a clean tea towel or paper towel. the parts must be dry before assembly and using

 Yes you can use a dishwasher, but as long as the dishwasher has a clean filter and the pump will come out cleaner than when it
went in – depending on the efficiency of your dishwasher, and be careful not to let the parts drop onto any elements or spinning
blades or sharp objects

 All parts get washed except the motor. The motor is not waterproof and must only be wiped down with a clean damp cloth.



We aim to have your order fulfilled and goods out for delivery within 1 day of receiving your order. We use tracked express shipping to New Zealand & Australia and will generally be delivered between 2-7 business days. Please note, once your order is with the delivery agent the delivery day is out of our control.

Please check we may have to put a "pre order date" on a product of when we expect it to us, if it is not currently in our stock room. It will then be shipped to you the next day.

We will clearly have this date next to the product when you add to basket, so you can decide if you are happy to wait. We can often send earlier than the "pre order date" stated but if shipping to us is held up longer than the pre order date then we will let you know via email of the delay, and then you decide if you are happy to wait the new timeframe

Packaging and courier bags:

We have an eco, less plastic biodegradable philosophy and use as little plastic as possible when sending you your products, this is a constant evolving process for us that we are proud of and constantly look for earth friendly alternatives, starting from our product packaging to the way we send it to you.

We use POLLAST!CTM Mailers made from 100% Ocean Bound Plastic Pollution. This packaging actually cleans up the environment and helps break the cycle of poverty and plastic pollution at the same time.

POLLAST!CTM are working with coastal communities that are impacted by the compounding effects of pollution and poverty to remove plastic pollution from their beaches and riverways before it reaches the ocean. They then recycle it into packaging. Your courier bags are Recyclable with soft plastics. 200% Carbon offset. 

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